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Bogie Technical Characteristics

The bogie structure can cater to slant of the body(passenger car), difference of the wheel load.
Material of theeach partmeetsrailway industry standards and could use alternativematerial according to different regions and national standards
Standard parts and general parts are used for each part and should be interchangeable.
Proudcts lifespan is designed for over 3 million km or 30 years
Noise reduction measures(passenger car) for major components
Different types of wheels can be used such as cast steel wheels, rollingforging wheels, elastic wheels
The preliminary suspension is a metal rubber spring(passenger car), or a cylindrical coil spring with a vertical hydraulic shock absorber(passenger car), and the Secondarysuspension is an air spring with an anti-roll torsion bar(passenger car)
The mainframe is evaluated by finite element stress analysis and fatigue strength;Manufacture, weldingfollowrailway standards, and with good corrosion resistance.
Traction and transmission device are safe and reliable after simulated operation test.
Easy to install, disassemble andhave good maintainability.

The main technical parameters:
Name Operate speed Axle load Tare weight Wheelbase Wheel diameter Journal center distance Distance between Side bearings Central spring lateral spacing Axle box spring lateral spacing Brake rate Vertical stiffness of preliminary suspension Positioning stiffness of preliminary suspension Vertical damping of preliminary suspension Vertical stiffness of secondary suspension Transverse stiffness of secondary suspension Vertical damping of secondary suspension Lateral damping of secondary suspension Minimum curve radius
Unit km/h t t mm mm mm mm mm mm / kN/m kN/m kN · s/m kN/m kN/m kN · s/m kN · s/m m
Freight wagon
Passenger car
Applicable temperature range:± 50 ℃ ;
Vehicle stability and safety: stability index≤ 2.5, derailment coefficient≤ 0.8, wheel load lighten rate≤ 0.65.
Main load-bearing component strength specification: conform to TB1335-1996 《Specification for Railway Vehicle Strength Design and Test and Identification》

Passenger Car Bogie

Passenger car bogieis divided into motor bogie (motor car) and trailer bogie (trailer car)
The bogie is one of the most important components in the railway vehicle structure. Its main functions are as follows:
The use of bogies on vehicles is to increase the load, length and volume of vehicles and increase the speed of trains to meet the needs of railway transportation development.
Ensure that under normal operating conditions, the car body can be reliably seated on the bogie, and the rolling of the wheel along the rail is converted into the translation of the car body along the line through the bearing device.
Supporting the vehicle body, bearing and transmitting various loads and forces from the vehicle body to the wheels or from the rails to the vehicle body, and evenly distribute the axle weight.
Ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, and flexibly run along the straight line and smoothly pass the curve.
The structure of the bogie should be easy to install the spring shock absorber, Good vibration absorbency, so as to ease the interaction between the vehicle and the line, reduce vibration and impact, reduce the small dynamic stress, and improve the stability and safety of the vehicle.
Make full use of the adhesion between the wheel and rail, transmit the traction and braking force, and amplify the braking force generated by the brake cylinder, so that the vehicle has a good braking effect to ensure parking within a specified distance.
The bogie is a separate component of the vehicle, minimizing the coupling between the bogie and the body.

Passenger Car Bogie Composition:

East Railway's Bogie Model

Series Photos Parameter Value
Trailer bogie
Operate speed-km/h 120-160
Tare weight-t 6.8
Axle loading-t 16.5
Wheel base-mm 2500
Wheel diameter-mm 915
Curve-m 145
Gauge-mm 1435
Brake type Tread brake unit
 Suspension type Preliminary suspension adoptsteel springs; Preliminary suspension adoptis steel springs + hydraulic shock absorption
Application Passenger car
Trailer bogie Operate speed-km/h 160-200
Tare weight-t 6.3
Axle loading-t 15.5
Wheel base-mm 2500
Wheel diameter-mm 915
Curve-m 145
Gauge-mm 1435
Brake type Disc brake unit
Suspension type Preliminary suspension adoptsteel springs; Secondary suspension adoptair springs
Application Passenger car


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