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Railway coupler is used for connecting locomotives and vehicles or vehicles and vehicles,transferring traction and impact,and maintaining a certain distance between the vehicles.According to the opening ways it can classify top operating and bottom operating.Opening the coupler by the lifting mechanism above the coupler head is called top operating (General wagons adopt ), Opening the coupler by the ejector lever action down the coupler head is called bottom operating(Passenger trains adopt).

Coupler consists of three parts head , shank and tail. The thick section is called coupler head in front of the coupler.The coupler head is equipped with knuckles,knuckle pivot pins,knucklelocks,knuckle throwers and lock-lift pins.Coupler rear is called coupler tail. The couplers tail have keyhole,in order to connect with the yokes

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East Railway Draft Gear System Products List

Series Coupler body Knuckle Yoke Draft gear Follower plate Type Standard Area
Type E E60DE E50AE Y40AE MT-2 Y44AE automotic AAR America/Oceania/Africa
Type F E70DE F51AE Y45AE MT-2 Y46AE automotic AAR America/Oceania/Africa
Type FR FR209 F51AE RY60267 MT-2
Rotary Follower
automotic AAR America/Oceania/Africa
Type 13 13 13 13 ST 13 automotic CHINA TB China/Africa/south east Asian
Type 16 16 16 16 MT-2 16 automotic CHINA TB China/Africa/ southeastern Asian
Type 17 17 17 17 MT-2 17 automotic CHINA TB China/Africa/ southeastern Asian
CA3 CA3 CA3 CA3 Щ-2B-90 Trust plate automotic GOST CIS
SA3 SA3 SA3 CA3 Щ-2B-90 Trust plate automotic GOST CIS
Screw coupling Screw UIC DRAW / semi-automotic UIC Europe/Africa/southeastern Asian
Scharfenberg Coupling Type used for passenger car UIC Worldwide

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