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Open-top Wagon

The open-top wagon is one of the types of railway wagon. It is characterized by having no cover(roof) and includesfour side walls. On both of sidewallsthere areopenable side doors to facilitate the unloading of goods. 
The main purpose of this wagon is to transport coal or ballast and other bulk items that need no protectionfrom wind and rain. 
Open-top wagonare mainly used for transporting large quantities of cargo such as coal, ore, mineral construction materials, woods, and steel, andcan also be used to transport low-weight machinery and equipment. If the cargo is covered with waterproof canvas or another type of shelter, it can be used instead ofa covered wagon. Therefore, the open-top wagon has great versatility and is the largest in the composition of freight wagon.

East Railway’s Open-top Wagon Model Description
Parameter Table:

Main performance parameter Basic dimension
Parameter Value Mark Parameter Value Mark
Loading capacity 70 t Length of wagon 13920mm
Tareweight 24 t Underframe length 12700mm
Axle load 23.5 t Bogie base 8650mm
Weight coefficient 0.34 Max.height of car 3715mm
Load per meter 6.75t/m Max.width of car 3130mm
Volume capacity 83m3 Internal length 12690mm
Specific volume (V) 1.185 m3/t Internal High 2290mm
Min. pass radius/curve 60m Internal width 2880mm
Operate speed 120km/h Upper plane to rail height of the lower side beam 1411mm
Clearance From customer Size of unloading port(LxW) 1568mm×1336mm
Track gauge 1520mm   Numberof theUnloading port. 14
●Customer provide or confirm on
○Customer designate or Eastrail to decide
◎General Determined byEastrailway
Load port, open angle    
Middle ≈31°
Above the bogie ≈21°
Coupler center line height(empty car) 1060mm±20mm
Key Part Configuration Description Standard Mark
Bogie 1 Ride control CHINA-TB/T
Bogie 2 18-100 GOST
Draft gear system 1 CA3 GOST
Draft gear system 2 17 CHINA-TB/T
Brake system 1 483M GOST
Brake system 2 120 CHINA-TB/T


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