Suzhou East Railway Co.,Ltd successfully Debuted PRO//MOTION



Suzhou East Railway Co.,Ltd successfully Debuted PRO//MOTION.EXPO
From August 28th to 31st, 2019, the 7th-PRO//MOTION.EXPO-Russia International Railway and Rail Transit Exhibition was held in Moscow! Suzhou East Railway Co.,Ltd attaches great importance to it and carefully prepares it. The delegation led by General Manager attended the event.
At the exhibition, East Railway Company mainly demonstrated the design, project management and manufacturing capabilities of passenger cars, freight wagons and their spare parts.
The 4-day exhibition received enthusiastic response from customers and attracted customers from all over the world to visit the platform. We carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges with specific projects or drawings. Through this exhibition, the East Railway Company has been well communicated with the world's counterparts and achieved good results.
The Russian Railway Exhibition is the largest and most influential rail transit industry event in Russia and the CIS region. It provides a good platform for the East Railway Company to go abroad and extend the international market.


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