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Freight wagons need to replace a large number of spare parts during long-term operation. East Railway as a specialist railway supplier that can supply most of the spare parts needed for a freight wagon.

Air Brake System(For Freight Wagon)

Air brake systemsare traditional product for freight wagons. We can provide reasonable air brake systems based on different standards required. The system cover TB/T,AAR,ROA,UIC standards,also provide customization services.
Brake System Composition
East Railway can also supply the below brake system components:


Brake Beam Device

Main lever of the brake beam be made of standard “X”section steel,and the brake holder is casting part. The brake holder is connects with forging link rods. Thebrake beam is basic brake rigging of the bogie,and the air brake system through this device transfer the brake force to stop the wagon.

wheel set

The wheel set is key component of the Railway Bogie. It is also the most common and important spare part in railway industry.
One-wheel set contains two wheels,one axle,and two bearings. Depend on different application methods other special parts including gears,brake discs,axle box etc.

They could be used on wagon,locomotive,passenger car and more. The wheel has a cast wheel or a forged wheel, the axle and bearingscan be chose to the customer requirements.Vehicle and bogie performance parameters will define what wheel set configuration is required.

Relative standard:
TB/T 1718 Technical requirement of railway vehicle’s wheelset installation
UIC 813  Technical specification for the supply of wheelsets for tractive and trailing stock–Tolerances and assembly
BS 5892-6 Railway rolling stock materials - Specification for wheelsets for traction and trailing stock
EN 13260  Railway applications. Wheelsets and bogies. Wheelsets. Product requirements
JIS E4504 Wheelsets for railway rolling stock – Quality requirements



Springsare the main part of the bogie suspension,also used for draft gear absorb and other functional product.Spring types contain Helical Coil Spring ,Compression Spring,Volute Spring and Leaf Spring.

Spring material standard:
DIN 17221
> Silico – Manganese Steel  38Si7 ,54SiCr6 ,60SiCr7

> Chrome - Vanadium Steel  55Cr3, 50CrV4 ,51CrMoV4
BS EN 10089
> Silico - Manganese Steel:   46Si7 , 56Si7 , 54SiCr6, 61SiCr7
> Chrome - Vanadium Steel:  51CrV4 , 52CrMoV4, 60CrMo3-1
JIS G4801
> Silico - Manganese Steel:   SUP 6, SUP 7, SUP 9, SUP 9A
> Chrome - Vanadium Steel:  SUP 10, SUP 11 A, SUP 12, SUP 13

Side Bearing

Side bearing and wearing parts between the bogie and vehicle, protect and extend the life cycle the vehicle and bogie.
It is divided into elastic and inelastic type,according to the performance and parameter requirements.

Wearing parts

Wearing parts are typically used in fragile joints to protect adjacent parts. Usually the wear parts are made of wear resistant metal or composite materials.


Casting and forging products are very common components for railway vehicles.We understand casting and forging products,not only the manufacture process,but also the product application in the Railway industry,we are familiar with the function and performance of railway casting and forging products,we can provide our customer with the most optimal casting and forging railway products.
Improved surface finish and solidification than those of railway specification.
Each casting and forging product has been serialized for traceability in the production process.
Chemical composition and mechanical performance testing
Magnetic particle inspection
Hardness testing.
Dimension to be gauge
Production strictly with railway standard
Various material in railway could be provided

Side Frame


Center Plate


Axle Box


Bearing Stopper Key


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