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The interior of the vehicle is the most direct contact interface between the passenger and the vehicle. It must be designed and manufactured to meet the aesthetics, light weight, economy, environmental protection and good maintainability.In addition, the strength of the interior, flame retardant and other safety-related indicators, also need to meet the railway requirements or standards.

The interior is one of the most important parts of the owner (railway operator) and passengers. The interior is the part of the passenger's maximum contact. The quality of the interior is directly related to the user experience of the vehicle.Comfortable, environmentally friendly, ergonomic and friendly interiors create the best ride for customers.

Generally, the running parts and electrical components of different type of a train are basically the same, wherein only the motor car and the trailer car are distinguished, and the interior is flexibly changed according to different usage requirements.

Different vehicles have different layouts and designs for passenger compartments, usually based on the distance of the station.In the medium and long distance, there is usually no standing handrail in the car. The interior adopts a full seat layout, one person one seat, and the seat inside is soft and comfortable to relieve passenger fatigue. Some medium and long distance vehicles need to be separately designed for sleeper cars;Part of the short distance transportation from the light rail and metro, the seat is mostly in a row layout, and a large number of vertical handrails and hanging handrails are provided to facilitate the carrying of more passengers.
In addition to this, depending on the use function, various types of functional interiors are also available.Such as bar, partition, locker room, conference car, laundry car, luggage car, medical car, power car, etc.

Seating Car


Sleeping Car

Subway/Light Rail Car


Kitchen/Dining Car

Locker Room/ Flight Attendant Room/Train Captain Room


Conference Room /Box

Laundry Room

Partition Wall/End Wall Connection


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