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Carbody is the part of the vehicle for transfer the goods or passengers,also is the mounted basisfor other components of the vehicle。

According the vehicle purpose Carbody include passenger carbody,wagon carbody and locomotive carbody。

Earlier carbody was mainly made of wood, supplemented by steel plates and bow beam to increase the strength. Modern car bodies are mainly steel or light metal structures.

The choice of carbody materials requires a combination of factors such as manufacturing costs, maintenance costs, weight, strength, and life expectancy. Suzhou East Railway Co., Ltd. has rich industry experience, from design, manufacture, maintenance to provide you with the full cycle of products and services, for you to choose the most suitable body.

Freight Wagon And Locomotive Carbody

Diesel locomotives and electric locomotives are equipped with various electromechanical equipment for traction and control, and include thedriver cabin. The function of the railway carbodyisprotect passengers, cargo and equipments. The carbody of the wagon conforms to the characteristics of the cargo, ensuring that the cargo carried away from loss, leakage, damage and exposure to the sun, rain, wind, etc. during transportation, and adapt to the needs of loading and unloading.

The wagon carbody is used to load a variety of goods. The main components of the carbody include side wall, end wall, roof, and etc. The steel structure of the wagoncarbody is composed of a plurality of longitudinal beam and crossbeam (pillars), and the wagon carbody chassis is supported on the bogie by a center plate or a side bearing.

The steel structure of the carbody bears the weight, load and weight of the vehicle and the vertical dynamic load generated by the wheel-rail impact and the sprung vibration; the traction and compression impact generated between the vehicles when the train starts, shifts, and goes up and down the slope. Longitudinal load; and lateral loads including wind, centrifugal force, cargo pressure on the sidewall, and the like.

Due to the increasing demand and strictness of the growing demand, in recent years, in addition to the current weathering steel materials, ferritic stainless steel, aluminum alloy, high-strength weathering steel, stainless steel and other high-grade materials are also in the truck body. Applications have begun to increase.

Standard:TB/T 1807 Freight wagon carbodyStatic strength test method

Passenger Carbody

The passenger carbody is for passengers ride and is equipped with all the needed while the journey. The passenger carbody and the driver's cab have sound insulation and heat insulation performance to ensure the passenger's good rest and the normal work of the train crew.

The shape of the carbody is related to the running resistance of the train. Therefore, the locomotives of the high-speed train mostly adopt the streamlined carbody. The color distribution of the interior and exterior of the passenger train has a beautifying effect.

The carbody is an all-metal welded structure, which is welded by four parts: the underframe, the sidewall, the roof and the endwall. A metal floor is welded to the outside of the steel skeleton(underframe). The sidewall, the roof and the endwall form a closed casing with a rectangular upper portion and a rectangular portion, which is commonly referred to as a thin-walled tubular structure carbody.

In order to increase the strength and stiffness of the carbody,general adopt the longitudinal lever,cross beam and column,and use the stamping wall plate replace parts of lever,form a whole structure to bear load.

The carbody must have good thermal insulation properties. In order to make passengers get on and off the passenger car, the passenger car should has a passing platform at both ends, and through the gangway to prevent wind and cold and cold air from outside. In addition to the doors, windows, seats and sleepers, the carbody also needs to be equipped with sanitary equipment, ventilation, water supply equipment, electrical equipment, heating equipment, broadcasting equipment and air conditioning equipment etc.

Carbody is one of the main part for bear the load.carbody bear the vertical load,horizontal impact load and side force,in the meantime transfer the draft force and brake force to the coupler,so carbody structure should have enough strength and stiffness to ensure the safety and stability;in the other wise,carbody as the installation basis for mostly mechanical device,electric equipment and electronic equipment,should have enough inner space ensure all the equipment to mounted,also should form a friendly and comfortable environment for driver work and passenger stay.

At present, the carbody materials of passenger cars in the world are basically made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. According to the latest technology, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced) has gradually become one of the options for passenger car materials, especially for the driver cabin mask with complex surfaces.

TB/T 2541 locomotive carbodyStatic strength test method
TB/T 3451 strength design and test of carbody structure of EMU/EMU
TB/T 3500 crashworthiness requirements and verification specification for carbody of EMU/DMU
UIC 566    The load requirements of the passenger carboy and components

Different Carbody Material Confrontation


Item Carbon steel Stainless steel Aluminum
Tare weight/per car 9-10t 6-7t 4-5t
Material strength normal good weak
Corrosion resistance poor good normal
Weight lighten difficult normal good
Plasticity process/forming easy difficult easy
Solderability good normal normal
Material cost low high high
Manufacture cost low highest high
Maintenance cost high high highest
Air tightness weak difficult normal
Heat resistance high high weak
Surface protection need painting/High frequency of refurbishment no need painting need painting/low frequency of refurbishment

Carbody Structure

New Design Of Vehicle Body Stress Analysis And Simulation

The general calculation method generally follows the corresponding railway industry standards, and carries out the force analysis and calculation simulation according to the actual working conditions through various professional calculation software to ensure that the design of the vehicle body fully meets the requirements for use.
Relevant industry standards: TB (China), UIC (Europe), AAR (USA and America), GOST (Russia and CIS)


Carbon Steel carbody: Drawing-Preparing--Cutting-Bending-Welding-Assembly-Cleaning-Polishing-Painting-Checking-package
Stainless Steel carbody: Drawing-Preparing--Cutting-Bending-Welding-Assembly-Cleaning-Polishing-Checking-package
Carbon Steel carbody: Drawing-Preparing--Cutting-Bending-Machining-Welding-Assembly-Machining-Cleaning-Polishing-Painting-Checking-package

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