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Glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP), also GRP or FRP is a plastic-based composite material composed of an organic non-metal and an inorganic non-metal composite, comprising a body and a reinforcement.
The base of GFRP is a resin, a thermosetting plastic, and an organic non-metallic material, including epoxy (EP), phenolic resin (PF), which acts as a bonding agent, accounting for 65%-70% of the total weight. The reinforcement of GFRP is glass fiber, which is an inorganic non-metallic rayon fiber, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, which accounts for about 30%-35% of the total weight.


The GFRP is lightweight and flexible. A wide variety of GFRP products meet the interior needs and aesthetics of different vehicles. GFRP can be made in a variety of shapes, styles and textures, and can be used for interior and exterior decoration.
GFRP has high flexural, tensile and compressive strength. The general product thickness is 5mm, and the low weight of no more than 10kg per square meter means quick installation, reduced construction cost and reduced transportation costs.
It is not affected by saltwater, chemicals, acid rain and most chemicals.
The installation gap between the products is resin-treated to form a waterproof structure that never breaks.
Any shape and texture effect can be molded.
With normal use, it will not deteriorate and fade for many years, and no special maintenance is required.

Typical GFRP parts in vehicles

GFRP Technical Requirements and Test Methods

ITEM  Claim  Test Method
Barcol hardness ≥45 GB/T 3854
Water absorption rate/% ≤0.2 GB/T 1462
Tensile strength/MPa ≥70 GB/T 1447
Bending strength/MPa ≥135 GB/T 1449
Impact toughness (no gap)/ kj/㎡ ≥70 GB/T 1451
Oxygen index/% ≥35 GB/T 8924
45°Angle burning/level  Flame retardant TB/T 3138 appendix A
Smoke density/D4 ≤200 GB/T 8323

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